10 Productive Things to do at Home

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on May 29, 2020 3:31:50 PM
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Over the past 26 years, we have worked with thousands of amazing couples across the world. Recently we have seen many couples spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to figure out whether to keep or postpone their wedding date. With the COVID-19 Pandemic at large now, we're seeing many more couples stuck at home and waiting anxiously for their special wedding weekend. We started the DRETalks to lighten up the mood, give couples helpful advice, and of course keep everyone entertained. Here you can find 10 Productive Things to do at Home.  

1) Organize Your Room

  • Clean your room: Vacuum, Dust, and Febreeze. 
  • Go through your closet, drawers, and any area that has junk or old items.
  • Donate old items you find. 
  • Good Rule of Thumb: If you haven't worn something in a year, it's time to let it go. 
  • Also a wise man once said: If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go.
  • If it's harshly used then throw it away or if it's able to be donated then donate it. There are many less fortunate people out there that we can help. 

2) Bathroom

  • Clean the Toilet.
  • Clean the Bathtub.
  • Clean the Sink.
  • Reorganize and wipe down the Cabinet.
  • Throw away expired items. 

3) Kitchen

  • Organize the Drawers.
  • Wipe down and organize the Cabinets.
  • Take everything out of the Pantry and organize all the items by what they are. 
  • Take everything out of the Refrigerator, wipe it down, throw away expired items, and organize all the left over items.
  • Reorganize and clean the island table and any area where there may be clutter.
  • Throw away expired medicines or broken glassware.

4) Dusting

  • Dust collects in corners and is a big contributer to allergies. Make sure to dust often.
  • Dust countertops and any surface. 
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5) Change A/C Filters

  • Your A/C unit is running more often now that you are home everyday and for longer periods of time.
  • Change it out quarterly. 
  • Need some songs to listen to while cleaning: Follow our music playlists to stay up to date with new music. Check it out here.

6) Light Bulbs

  • Change dead lights.
  • Change unmatching lights.
  • Add lights to rooms that need more brightness.

7) Smoke Detectors

  • Change batteries to ensure safety of the home. 
  • Check for the light on the detector to see when the battery may be dying and change before the annoying beeping begins.

8) Software Updates

  • TV.
  • iPad or any tablet.
  • Desktop and laptop.
  • Phone and iPods.
  • Fitness watches.
  • Cable box or Blue Ray player.
  • Gaming Systems.
  • Firmware, Hardware, and Software Updates to all electronics. 

9) Garage

  • Clean and sweep all the leaves, bugs, or loose trash. 
  • Open the random boxes and go through what is needed to keep and discard the rest. 
  • Go through the shelves: Just because it's out of the way doesn't mean you should leave it unaddressed. 
  • Garages are meant for cars not storage!
  • Have some music that will keep you busy in the background: Follow our music playlists to stay up to date with new music. Check it out here.

10) Minor Repairs

  • Painting Rooms as a project could be fun and needed during this time of boredom. 
  • Fix a loose faucet.
  • Fix the toilet.
  • Fix Doorknobs.
  • Touchup paint - where things were accidentally banged into the wall. 
  • Blinds get stuck usually and need to be fix, take this time to realign it. 
  • We know everyone is bored at home and needs things to do, so stay tuned for the rest of our DRETalks videos and blogs coming out soon. Follow us on Instagram to watch our DRETalks.

As we hope for better days to come soon, we want to let you know you're not alone, and together we can all get through this. Over our 26 years of bringing joy to couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has been a part of thousands of couples dream wedding weekends. We look forward to making many more thousands of couples happy once the COVID-19 Pandemic has passed. In the meantime, please stay safe and stay home. And a big shoutout to our frontline workers. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies you guys are the true superheroes.

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10 things to do at home


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