10 Things to do with your Children at Home

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on May 29, 2020 3:27:50 PM
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Over the past 26 years, we have worked with thousands of amazing couples across the world. For all our vendor friends and our past couples with young kids this blog will help you keep your kids entertained at home while the world is facing the COVID-19 Pandemic. We started the DRETalks to lighten up the mood, give couples helpful advice, and of course keep everyone entertained. Here's 10 things to do with your Children at Home.

10 Things to do with your Children at Home

1) Game Night

  • Family Game Night helps bonding between everyone.
  • Get away from digital games on t.v.'s, phones, and iPads.
  • Games you can play include: monopoly, checkers, chess, and uno.
  • Find these classic games at your local shopping complex or order them online. Make sure to sanitize! 

2) Scavenger Hunt

  • Scatter items throughout the house and give the kids clues.
  • This helps the kids learn teamwork and building a bond.
  • During the day have the kids go into a room and do homework or read a book while you put out the clues. 

3) Cooking

  • Pizza is a family favorite. What does your family love? Attempt your favorite foods!
  • Make personal pizzas or anything you decided previously so everyone gets their own customized food.
  • Be creative with the dough, toppings, and ingredients. 

4) Chores

  • Kids can earn their free time or TV time through doing chores.
  • Cleaning the room is important and not just throwing stuff under the bed. Have the kids take their time to organize.
  • If they help with more chores around the house, give them more rewards to keep them motivated. 
  • Need some songs to do the chores to: Follow our music playlists to stay up to date with new music. Check it out here.

5) Arts & Crafts

    • Google an image and color it.
    • Big days are passing by such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. In school the kids would make a project about it, so have them continue that same routine at home. 

6) Formal Meal

  • Try for one meal during the week where you dress up as if you were going out.
  • You can either cook together or buy takeout.
  • Take a family picture and post it on your social media.
  • Assign one person to do each task: ie. somebody make reservations, one person seats you, one person brings out the food, and one does dishes.

7) Exercise

  • Get a deck of cards and assign each suit and number an exercise. Example: 6 of Hearts could be 6 Pushups.
  • Family yoga while story time is going on. Kids love Disney stories. Put on the Frozen 2 Audiobook. 
  • Bollywood workouts with upbeat music and have a dance party.
  • Just Dance or Dance Central for your gaming system (Xbox or Playstation) can also make exercising fun. 
  • Have some music going on in the background: Follow our music playlists to stay up to date with new music. Check it out here.

8) Set Alarms

  • While doing work throughout the day make sure to have alarms set so periodically everyone gets up and interacts. 
  • This will help you not get lost in your work. Make sure to take breaks and talk with the kids.
  • Have a snack time together.

9) Change out of your PJ's

    • Wake up, shower, brush your teeth, and be fresh for the day. 
    • Get dressed as if you are all either going to school or work.
    • Don't be stuck in pajamas because it will slow your workday down.
    • Kids have favorite clothes, so make sure they don't keep repeating the same outfit.

10) Letters

  • Give them a person to write a letter to, wether it's family or a friend. 
  • Keep in mind of physical and social distancing. Take a picture of the letter and text them it or take a video of them reading it and send it to that loved one.  
  • We know everyone is bored at home and needs things to do, so stay tuned for the rest of our DRETalks videos and blogs coming out soon. Follow us on Instagram to watch our DRETalks.

As we hope for better days to come soon, we want to let you know you're not alone, and together we can all get through this. Over our 26 years of bringing joy to couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has been a part of thousands of couples dream wedding weekends. We look forward to making many more thousands of couples happy once the COVID-19 Pandemic has passed. In the meantime, please stay safe and stay home. And a big shoutout to our frontline workers. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies you guys are the true superheroes.

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