10 Tips for Indian Wedding Hashtags

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Sep 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM
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Hashtags are a great way to personalize your wedding, get your guests to post pictures and videos online, and let you relive these moments after your wedding. Use these tips and let us know what you came up with. We love clever ideas couples come up with. 

When making this blog we kept our couples in mind. Half of the Indian weddings we DJ are with both the bride and groom being of South Asian descent (Hindu, Christian or Muslim). The other half of the weddings we do are mixed or fusion weddings where one person is of South Asian descent and the other is not (White, Black, Hispanic or Asian). 

10 Tips for Indian Wedding Hashtags Notes:

  • The hashtag needs to reflect your tastes and style 
  • This blog should help you figure out what you want and like

10 Tips for Indian Wedding Hashtags are ranked in terms of importance 

1) Keep it short

Remember most people are posting from their phones. If they have to type 50 characters to use your hashtag, it may not happen as often as you'd like. If you need help with your hashtag, fill out the form on this page and we will send you a list of unique hashtags for over 200 popular Indian last names. 

2) No Punctuation and Symbols

We've seen couples include this in their hashtag. It won't work on social media.

3) Think outside the box

If you can come up with something creative and unique, thats always best. If you aren't creative, talk to your friends and family that are and brainstorm ideas. Write down every hashtag you don't hate. You may not use them, but it may spark an idea to do something else that you really like. Think about words that rhyme with your name or are similar to your names, or use word play. Let it be funny or quirky to match your style and vibe. 

3) Spell words correctly

If you don't, people may not remember to spell it right or it may get autocorrected and when you search for it you won't find anything. People may get confused on which one to use and not use either. 

4) Have only one official hashtag

You came up with 4 great hashtags and want to use them all. Don't. If you have too many, not everyone will use them and you may have people that won't use any. Also you don't want to search 4 different hashtags after the wedding. It will be easier if its all under one. Thats why we took over 200 of the most popular Indian last names and made a list of Unique hashtags. Fill out the form on this page to get your free copy today. 

5) Check to see if already in use

If another couple is using it, then it will make it harder for you to find your pictures and videos after the wedding. You can add your initials, year, destination city/country, or date to the end of the hashtag to make it unique.  

6) Put it everywhere

Include it everywhere you can so people can see it. Proposal posts, engagement announcements, save the date, invitations, welcome bags, guestbook, pictures in the cocktail area, place cards, seating charts, and even thank you cards after the wedding. 

7) Ask people to use it

You would think since its everywhere and you are using it, everyone will. But they don't. Sometimes after weddings, we check hashtags to see what other people and vendors posted. Most of the time its only the couple that posted pictures before the wedding and us posting pictures during the wedding weekend. Ask your friends to start using it whenever they post about your proposal, engagement, bachelorette/bachelor party, and wedding. The more people see it being used, the more they will use it. If you see someone post and not use it, then put it in their comment and personally ask them to use it next time. 

8) Text it out the week of the wedding

This is key. Remind your friends and family members that are around your age (you may want to avoid reminding uncles, aunties and really young family members) what the hashtag is and to use it this week for all social media posts. Fill out the form on this page to get 200 plus idea's for your Indian wedding hashtag. 

9) Have your DJ announce it at every event

When we DJ weddings, we usually MC also. This is another great way to remind your guests about the hashtag. We can announce it at all the events we are a part of that you are doing. Here is a short video on how we get everyone involved when we are MCing. Feel free to contact us here

10) Examples and Idea for hashtags 

- Combine first names. Deepika & Ranveer used #DeepVeer but they could've also done #RanIka. A more creative one would've been #PikAVeer , pick a veer which also means pick a brave guy and is using a combination of both of their first names. 

- If the couple is keeping their own last names, you can come combine both names or use both in the hashtag. Lets say the couples last names are Shah and Seth. You can do #ShahSeth (use both names) or #Seah (combine both names). You can also use #SSWedding or #Shah4Seth. You can be more creative and funny with #YouShahThatSeth (you saw that shit). 

- If the bride is taking the last name of the groom (even if its hyphenated like Kareena Kapoor-Khan) or they already share the same last name, you can make hashtags with one last name.  You can do #KhanPartyOf2 , #TeamKhan or #Khan4Life. You can be more creative and funny with #KhanYouBelieveIt (Can you believe it).

- Some couples want to use both last names even when the bride is changing her name. The most used hashtag for this case would be #Shah2Seth. 

- Couples also like to keep it simple and put the first initial of both first names and add the year. If Varun and Alia get married in 2020 their hashtag would be #VA2020. They can also use #VASayIDo. If your combination is taken you can add the month or 6 digit date. This will also help you remember your anniversary later on. 

- Indian destination weddings have become very popular over the last 10 years. You can use this in your hashtag. If Ravi & Sarah get married in Mexico they can use #RStakeMexico or #RSCancun2020 

Don't stress. You will find the perfect hashtag. We have already created a list of the best Indian Wedding Hashtags for over 200 of the most popular last names. 

A wedding is the happiest moment in your life and you should have vendors that you love. Over our 25 years of bringing joy to thousands of couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has been a part of their dream wedding weekends. Given these points, if you would like to talk about entertainment for your wedding contact us here

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 10 Tips for Indian Wedding Hashtags

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