12 Tips for an Ismaili Groom

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Jun 29, 2020 5:56:16 PM
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Ismaili grooms have one event that they want to avoid but usually can't; and that's the Egging Ceremony. It started off being just eggs and now it's more like a Trashing Ceremony. Although we can't protect you physically; we wanted to share some tips that will help you make it better and safer for you. You still got to love those epic Pithi/Sangeet Nights, right! If you want new music lists on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or want some Non-Stop Mixes, fill out the form on this page. 

12 Tips for an Ismaili Groom:

1) Tarp

You need this to make sure the mess from the egging/trashing doesn't get on the venues' property. The tarp also helps it become easily disposable and defines the war zone of where people can attack you from. Don't get something too big or too small. 

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2) Chair

You'll need a chair to sit on since you're the star of the show (more like a 1 minute commercial, but hey you're still a star). A metal folding chair works the best. You can easily trash it or clean it afterwards. The venue usually will not let you use theirs. 

3) What to wear to the egging

Clothes you don't care about during the ceremony - This will be trashed beyond measure. Wear something you don't care about since you'll never see it ever again. We've seen grooms wear their bachelor shirt if they have an extra or even get shirts made just for the egging event. We've also seen some grooms wear a run down shalwar kurta too as well as their old gym wear. We suggest wearing something old and comfortable so it's easier to change out of. 

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4) Pancho

Pancho - Initially the groom gets to wear this, but definitely doesn't end with this on since the groomsmen usually rip it off mid way through. Even for the time you get to wear it, it's WORTH it. This might protect you for the first 5 minutes and that is a big win for any groom. 

5) Goggles

Goggles - Let's protect those eyes and nose from anything getting into it. Smelling the mixture of all the products will make you sick so make sure to get a pair of goggles that also covers the nose. 

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6) Helmet

Helmet - Just like the pancho, you may begin with it on, but knowing your groomsmen it's definitely coming off. It'll protect you from the initial attack of when people are throwing eggs at you versus cracking it on you. 

7) Kiddy Pool

Kiddy Pool - After you get egged, hop into an empty kiddy pool and get hosed down. This is the best feeling ever. You'll smell terrible but at least you won't look terrible anymore.

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8) Water Supply/Hose

Water Supply/Hose - This is needed to give you a quick rinse off before you hop into a clean car or truck.

9) Towel(s)

Towel - Definitely dry yourself, also to get off any stubborn mess that's still on you even after the rinse off. Don't save these towels, make sure to throw them away. 

10) Get away vehicle 

Truck to get away easily - We suggest using a truck since you can lay in the bed of it and air off while on your way to your hotel room. This way you can catch a nice breeze outside if the weather is nice. 

11) Shower near by

Make sure to take a hot shower to get off any gunk left over from the egging. This will also kill the smell too. Don't be stingy with the soap and shampoo, use a bunch!

12) Sangeet outfit 

New Clothes for a quick change - This is probably the groom's favorite part, where he gets to get out of those disgusting clothes. Now time to wear that amazing outfit your bride picked out for you and get ready to dance for the performances followed by the open dance floor. If you need a DJ that will keep your sangeet hype, contact us here.


A wedding is the happiest moment in your life and you should have vendors that you love. Over our 26 years of bringing joy to thousands of couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has been a part of thousands of couples dream wedding weekends. Given these points, if you would like to talk about music and lighting for your wedding contact us here. If you want new music lists on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or want some Non-Stop Mixes, fill out the form on this page. 

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