Best Indian Shows on Hotstar

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Jun 21, 2020 12:06:42 PM
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Discover the top-notch Indian Shows on Hotstar! We've provided enticing descriptions of each show without giving away any spoilers. Plus, we've included trailers for you to indulge in before diving into the captivating world of these shows. Rest assured, the lists are thoughtfully organized in alphabetical order. If you're in the mood for fresh music playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube, or if you fancy some Non-Stop Mixes, simply fill out the form on this page.

Indian Hotstar Shows

1) Aarya

Sushmita Sen is back! She battles the drug mafia in Rajasthan. 

2) City Of Dreams

Multiple lives intersect after an assassination attempt on Mumbai's key political figure. 

3) Criminal Justice

A cab driver has a one night stand with a passenger but wakes up with her dead next to her. 

4) Hostages

Four masked men break into the Anand family home, taking them hostage. 

5) Hundred

A comedy dealing with a woman who has 100 days to live. 

6) Out Of Love

A couple that is happily married until the wife finds her husband cheating.

7) Special Ops

A worldwide effort to stop an attack in India. The plot travels between flashbacks & current time.

8) The Office

The Indian version of the super hit series. Not for everyone but good if you like dry humor. 

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