Best Indian Shows on Zee5 and Eros Now

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Jun 21, 2020 12:25:15 PM
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Discover the ultimate collection of top-notch Indian Shows on Zee5 and Eros Now! Unveiling a sneak peek of each show without spoiling the surprises, we've even included the trailers for you to indulge in before embarking on your captivating journey. Rest assured, these lists are thoughtfully arranged in alphabetical order. And hey, if you're yearning for some fresh music playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube, or perhaps craving some Non-Stop Mixes, simply fill out the form on this page. Your entertainment desires are our utmost priority!

Indian Zee5 Shows

1) Abhay

Special Task Force series is based on a real life crimes.

2) Code M

Indian Army drama thriller about a case where you don't know which side is telling the truth.

3) Poison

A revenge thriller/drama revolving around ex-con, cop and a don. 

4) Rangbaaz

Crime Thriller set in the 90s about the journey of this "bad" guy. 


A story of unlikely people becoming friends and dealing with kidnapping and murder. 

6) The Final Call

Hijacking adventure on a flight with lots of back and forth with flashbacks. 


Indian Eros Now Shows

1) Metro Park

Gujarati's gone wild. This show revolves around 2 married couples. 

2) Operation Cobra

An Indian spy agent vs a global terrorist organization. 

3) Smoke

A thriller set in Goa revolving around crime, drugs, and the mafia.


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