Indian Wedding Speech Guide

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Jun 29, 2020 7:06:46 PM
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Here is a guide that will help couples plan the speeches out in their reception program. 

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Indian Wedding Speech Guide

1) Who

  • Bride & Groom (even if its short, do this for pictures, videos and to say thank you)
  • Parents (only if they are comfortable on the microphone and want to speak)
  • Siblings (should speak together) 
  • Best man or a groomsmen (have one person represent this group)
  • Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid (have one person represent this group)
  • Your third uncle from your dad's second cousin doesn't need to give a speech (please no neighbors either) 

KishanReception329 copy

2) How many

  • Minimum number of speeches allowed should be 3. You need to hear from the couple and one person representing each side of the couple. This can be family or a member of the bridal party. 
  • Maximum number of speeches allowed should be 7. This is only if you want everyone to speak, they want to speak, and they are good on the microphone. This includes the couple, each set of parents, siblings on both sides and a representative from each side of the bridal party. 

3) How long

  • Keep speeches short and sweet
  • You don't need to tell every story about the bride and groom, tell your best one, give words of advice, and wish the happy couple
  • 2-3 minutes max is a good rule of thumb to tell the people that are speaking
  • You also need to work in time for them to be called up to speak and walk off the stage/dance floor. 

4) Writing the speech

  • Write it weeks/months in advance
  • Don't google jokes, they usually do poorly at weddings. You are not a comedian and this isn't open mic night.
  • Talk about the couple, this is not about you
  • Keep it clean (kids and grandparents there)
  • Don't mention ex's
  • Make fun of the couple but don't humiliate them in front of their loved ones. 
  • Tell a funny story if you can keep it short and the audience will find it funny
  • Be emotional/sentimental but don't cry throughout the speech
  • Avoid using props and screens because people won't pay attention to what you are saying
  • End on a positive note. 

5) Holding the mic

  • You're not a rapper so please don't hold it above your head facing down towards your mouth
  • Also don't hold it too low to where the mic can't pick up your voice (bride below is holding the mic in the correct place)
  • The ideal place to hold it is to imagine an ice cream cone before it touches your lips. (2-4 inches away depending on how loud or soft you project your voice)
  • If you are moving your head while giving the speech make sure to keep the mic parallel to your mouth

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6) Back to back speeches

  • Definitely No! People will lose attention if they hear all the speeches in a row.
  • Spread out the speeches between your program. (First dance, speech, cake, speech, performance, speech, etc.)
  • When calling the parents, only one side should come up not both. But, both the mother and father should come up even if only one of them is speaking.
  • When calling the siblings, only one side should come up not both. But, all siblings from one side should come up even if only one of them is speaking.
  • Bridal party speeches can be the one person representing your side or all of that side. But both sides should not come up together. 

7) Delivering the speech

  • Memorize your speech weeks before the wedding
  • Practice saying it out loud without your notes/phone. You want it to flow and not sound like you are reading it.
  • Leave your phone and notes on the table
  • Speak slowly
  • Speak clearly
  • Speak loudly
  • Bring energy into your voice
  • Keep your hands free that way you're only holding the mic
  • Make eye contact with the couple and the crowd while delivering your speech 
  • If you forget something, move on, no one will know

2016-10-29 at 21-00-00 copy

8) After the speech

  • Make sure people know you are done with the speech
  • Hand off the mic back to the emcee or DJ
  • Hug the bride and groom
  • Quietly go back to your seat, remember it's still not about you

A wedding is the happiest moment in your life and you should have vendors that you love. Over our 26 years of bringing joy to thousands of couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has been a part of thousands of couples dream wedding weekends. Given these points, if you would like to talk about music and lighting for your wedding contact us here. If you want new music lists on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or want some Non-Stop Mixes, fill out the form on this page. 

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