Indian Weddings at Omni Frisco Hotel

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Jun 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM
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Whenever a new venue is being made in Dallas, we usually get a call from the owner or manager. We have done more Indian Weddings in Dallas than any other company. Its natural for people to ask us for ways to make their venues better to host Indian weddings. Some of our couples want to host their wedding weekends at new venues. We have done many weddings at the Omni Frisco, but wanted to share a few of them with you. 

That feeling you get when you buy a new car, new home, new clothes is the same feeling you'll have when you host your Indian Wedding at this new venue. Having this kind of venue makes the wedding more unique with it's modern architecture and overall fresh look and feeling. We made this blog to help connect couples with their dream venue. When coming up with this blog we thought about events that are part of many Indian Weddings (Hindu, Christian, and Muslim). Pre-wedding celebrations such as the Garba, Sangeet, and Mehndi nights can be held in the smaller ballrooms, there is a clear path for baraats, and the larger ballrooms are spacious enough for the traditional big fat Indian wedding.

Since we have an abundance of experience working at Omni Frisco, we have compiled a list of vendors we have worked with most often there. This list includes vendors that have experience at Omni Frisco, we have worked with, and our couples loved working with them. Fill out the form on this page and we will send you the direct contact information for all of these vendors in one document. 

Website: Omni Frisco

Address: 11 Cowboys Way, Frisco, TX 75034

Number: (469) 287-0000 or 469-287-0429


Indian Weddings at Omni Frisco Hotel

The Most Recent: Saranya & Nirav

This venue opened in the Summer of 2017 in the heart of Frisco and is located near great food and nightlife. It hovers over the biggest attraction in the North Dallas area; The Star! The Omni is a high rise hotel not only offering a great view but also an enormous amount of space for a grand wedding weekend. They invited our team to take a tour of the facility so we can see how its been designed and we can plan out how to make weddings great there. The first Indian wedding took place in March 2018 which we had the privilege of being a part of, but here's a video from Saranya and Nirav's epic wedding weekend from Epique Cinema. If you are looking for a wedding dj, contact us here

The Fall Wedding Festivities: Ashima & Shivam

Ashima and Shivam's reception was the talk of the town back in November 2018. Throughout the day; guests were anxiously waiting for the reception so they can dance. Glad we were able to show the lovely couple and their guests a great time! Check out the video from Ashima and Shivam's wedding reception so you can see how they utilized this wonderful space. Also, fill out the form on this page and we will send you the direct contact information for vendors who have experience at the venue. 

The Lovely Spring Wedding: Vimmy & Nikhil

The honor of being the first ever Indian wedding at the Omni belongs to Vimmy and Nikhil. Glad we had the chance to give them the full D.R.E. experience with the indoor fireworks and dancing on a cloud. A dream come true for a wonderful couple. We truly get the best couples. Check out the video from their wedding reception so you can see how they utilized the amazing venue. If you are looking for a wedding dj, contact us here


Your wedding is the happiest moment in your life; therefore, choose a venue you love and the right vendors that will help make your special moment a time you’ll never forget. Over our 25 years of bringing joy to thousands of couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has performed many times at this Indian Wedding Venue and can ensure you will have the time of your lives. Given these points, if you would like to talk about which venue we think is best for you or want more information on our services, contact us here

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