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Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Aug 10, 2023 8:50:57 AM
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We have been blessed to entertain at events in England, Spain, Africa, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Cancun, Cabo, Canada, and all over the United States. Although we do many Indian Destination weddings every year, we wanted to share this one with you. Esha & Neal got married at the Marriott Grand Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. When people think of Fusion Indian weddings they usually think of one side being South Asian and the other being American. Half the weddings we now do are fusion weddings. Many of them lately have been both South Asian but from two completely different cultures. In this case, Esha is Punjabi and Neal is Gujarati. If you need a St. Louis Indian Wedding DJ with world-wide experience, contact us here

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Being a part of St. Louis Indian weddings is an amazing experience and we love making each Missouri Indian wedding fun and unique. Weddings here can have any combination of a welcome party, sangeet, garba, baraat, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and after party. 


Mobile Baraat

Let’s start with a bang! Our baraat’s are known to be exciting and electric with live mixing, and interactive MCing highlighting the grooms side of the family while we dance and make our to the brides side, bringing the entire family together.

Baraat Special Effects (Co2 Cannon and Smoke Bomb)

As special as our Baraat’s are, nothing brings it more over the top and special like our CO2 cannon and our smoke bombs. As everyone is jamming out and dancing, smoke bombs of varieties of colors cover the skies making the environment even more festive, and the CO2 cannon sometimes shot by our grooms upon request, sends a cool jolt of energy to the baraati’s making the lead up to your wedding ceremony and reception that much more hype!

Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ taking care of all of your audio needs during the ceremony is crucial. Especially a wedding DJ who knows and respects your culture. We have DJ’s with wide array of backgrounds, who understand the the significance and intricacies of many south asian cultures and more.

Cocktail Music

Before the reception, while all the guests has gathered in the hall in front of the ballroom, food and drinks flowing and being passed out, and the background noise is elevator music provided by the venue or sometimes there is total silence. With our cocktail music before the reception, it gets everyone primed to match the energy and enjoy the reception night they’re about to attend.

Reception DJ

Nothing is worse than a Reception DJ who doesn’t fit your vibe. We make sure that we have the right DJ at your reception to not only ensure that the vibes are right, but to also make sure the reception program goes well and smoothly, and then turn up and jam out on the dance floor all night!

Reception Uplights

Uplights are probably the most underrated and most impactful part of any room. Uplights can bring any room together for any ambiance you strive to go for. During a wedding ceremony, you can transform the room into a more romantic setting, with overhead lights dimmed and uplights matching the decor or flowers around the room, bringing the entire style of the event together. During the reception, the uplights around the room set the tone visually, and when the dance floor starts, the uplights dance with us on beat.

Reception Projector and Screens

Projectors and screens come in handy in more than one way. You can project highlights of ceremony and events leading to the reception, as well as share special memories with videos and photos. In large ballrooms with live feed of your reception, those you care about attending in the back will be able to see what is happening as if they were up in the front.

Reception Spotlight

Our spotlights do not only highlight entrances. They also highlight the cake and the center dance floor, and everywhere you want it to shine for the event, and transforms the dance floor when it comes time to jam out!

Reception Monogram

The special feeling of seeing your name in bright lights next to the name of your loves, in our custom designs, presented in the ballroom doesn’t only feel special, but it boldly shows who’s day it is while photo and video capture the magic of the night with your names in the back.

Reception Co2 Cannon

When the dance floor is packed, and the party is bumping, there’s no possible way it can get more hype.. cue in the CO2 cannon! Not only does it make the dance floor that much more memorable, it also cools down the everyone on the dance floor to keep them dancing for even longer!

Here's a video of the following four special effects:

Reception Indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks makes every moment presented on stage, from the first dance to the dance floor, that much more special. WIth the bright fireworks setting off at the right time, like the end of an amazing speech or at the dip of the first dance, our certified indoor fireworks tech has you covered.

Reception Confetti Cannon

The iconic confetti cannon at a reception is a must. At the beginning of the dance floor to kick things off, or when everything is hype and the confetti is falling on you from above, the confetti cannon is a must at receptions.

Reception Dancing on a Cloud

Dancing on a cloud is almost like dancing in the sky itself. Usually used during the first dance, it almost resembles the feeling of being on cloud 9 with the one you love. Along with the stunning photos and videos, it makes for the most memorable firsts dances.

Reception Rose Petal Cannon

Used with real roses, the rose petal cannon typically used at the dip of the fist dance, blasts roses over the bride and groom, and gently falls upon them, making a special moment even more special, while photo and video capture the magic.

Check out Esha & Neal's Wedding

1) Baraat

The morning started off with us taking over the streets of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. This is the one time during the entire wedding weekend that the groom get highlighted. We had to make it fun for Neal. Check out these tips to make your baraat epic


St. Louis Indian Wedding Baraat


St Louis Indian Wedding Baraat

Missouri Indian Wedding Baraat


STL Indian Wedding Baraat

2) Wedding Ceremony

Esha & Neal blended both Punjabi and Gujarati traditions seamlessly for their Hindu wedding. In order to be a good STL Indian Wedding DJ you have to have the right wedding music to play. We have all the right background ceremony music for both South Indian and North Indian weddings as well as the perfect vibe for couples looking for Fusion Indian wedding sounds. 

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Marriott Grand Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri

St Louis Indian Wedding Decor

STL Indian Wedding

St. Louis Missouri Indian Wedding

3) Reception

It starts off with energetic introductions, epic first dance, speeches, performances, dinner and then our favorite part, the dance floor. This is the most fun part of the weekend. Everything ls leading up to the main event. We love seeing all age groups on the dance floor celebrating with the bride and groom.

St. Louis Indian Wedding

St. Louis Indian Wedding DJ


STL Indian Wedding DJ

St Louis Indian Wedding

Missouri Indian Wedding DJ

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St. Louis, Missouri is a great place for an Indian Wedding. Understanding and balancing tradition with the couples vibe is our speciality. We are experienced and love being able to make each wedding unique. No matter where your Indian wedding is taking place, we can make it fun. You bring the people and we will make it a party. If you want to talk about your wedding, contact us here.

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Venue: Marriott St. Louis Grand

Planner: Events Luxe

Photo: Ray Pro Photography

Henna: Henna Allure

HMUA: DanielleyStyles

Decor: Fatima Designs

DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment


St. Louis Indian Wedding DJ

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