Top 5 Indian Wedding Videographers in Dallas

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Mar 19, 2018 10:00:00 AM
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Our brides and grooms love us because we always tell them the truth on how we feel about vendors. We are blessed to be working with talented Indian wedding vendors every weekend. It's natural for couples to seek our advice on who would be the best fit for them. Half of the Indian weddings we DJ are with both the bride and groom being of South Asian descent (Hindu, Christian or Muslim). The other half of the weddings we do our mixed or fusion weddings where one person is from South Asian descent and the other is not (White, Black, Hispanic or Asian). When coming up with the Top 5 Indian Wedding videographers in Dallas, we based it on the following criteria:

  • They currently do many weddings in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. We have a lot of amazing videographer friends that have traveled to Dallas for Indian weddings, but don't do it often. 
  • They have multiple years of experience serving the same type of clients we serve in terms of both traditional Indian weddings and mixed/fusion weddings. Its important to value all cultures irrespective of the number of guests coming from each side. 
  • Our couples in the recent past have loved working with them. We only wanted to give you the best South Asian wedding videographers in Dallas. 
  • We like their work and we enjoy working with them. This is your big day and the last thing you want to worry about is vendor drama. That is a thing, believe us, we have watched it happen. 
  • They must only be videographers and not own or be a part of any photography company in Dallas. There are pros and cons to both sides but we see more couples wanting to pick and choose two different companies rather than choosing one company for both..

The following Top 5 Indian Wedding Videographers in Dallas are ranked based on who we have worked most often with in the last few years. 

1) Epique Cinema

Franco Hernandez is the owner of Epigue Cinema. He has secured the first position on our Top 5 Indian Wedding Videographers in Dallas list. In the last few years, we have worked together the most often.We often joke and say with the number of Indian Weddings he has done, Franco is half Indian now.  They can capture any type of wedding, but their main focus is Hindu weddings. Here are the highlights of Sunny and Sonal's wedding from SLPS - Irving, TX which we were the DJs for. They wanted to make sure their guests had fun all weekend long. Fill out the form on this page and we will send you the contact information for everyone on this list. Also if you are still looking for a venue check out our blog on the Top 22 Indian Wedding Venues in DFW


2) Inspired Effects

Keith Betters is the man behind Inspired effects. Along with Indian weddings they also do quite a few American weddings and corporate events. They have the widest reach in terms of types of weddings they currently do. Their breakdown of events are similar to ours. Out of our 250 weddings we do a year; 50 are Non-Indian weddings, 100 are fusion weddings where one side is of South Asian decent and 100 weddings where both sides are of South Asian decent. Check out a video from a wedding we did together for Claire and Rajeev. Find the perfect Indian Wedding Videographer for your wedding in Dallas by filling out the form on this page. Don't want to get married at a hotel?  Check out our blog on the Top 9 Indian Wedding Venues that aren't hotels. 




3) Memories Films

Memories Films is managed by Robert Redd. We have done many weddings together in the past but haven't seen him too often recently. His work is always consistent and has been that way for years. Here is the wedding film from Megha and Tejas wedding weekend we did together. Find the perfect Indian Wedding Photographer for your wedding in Dallas by filling out the form on this page. 



4) Chris Watson Films 

Chris Watson Films has been around since 2000. He is a great videographer and focuses efforts on his work and doesn't worry about being social on social media. We have done many weddings together over the years, and recently the weddings have been fusion couples where they are both from South Asian decent. Jasmine & Senthil wanted a fusion of Punjabi, South Indian and American culture for their wedding weekend. Chris has a way of getting great shots naturally without and deserves to be on the Top 5 Indian Wedding Videographers in Dallas list. If you need a videographer for your Indian Wedding, fill out the form on this page and we will send you everyone's phone number and email address. 




5) Splendor Films

Jeffery Coombes is the smiling face behind the Splendor Films camera. He is great to work with, we have done weddings together last year and have some on the books for this year.. You will see him predominately in the American wedding market. Jeff does very well in that market but still has room to take on the right Indian Weddings. Most often we have worked together at Mallu (Malayalam) Christian weddings. Check out a video from a wedding we did together for Sarita and Souvik (Hindu Couple), which was also featured on The Knot. They loved how our amazing production with dancing on a cloud and fresh flower canon looked.



A wedding is the happiest moment in your life and you should choose an Indian Wedding videographer in Dallas that you love. Over our 24 years of bringing joy to thousands of couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has performed many times with everyone on the Top 5 Indian Wedding Videographers in Dallas list. Given these points, if you would like to talk about which South Asian wedding videographer you should select, we think it is best for you to starting by contacting us here for more information on our services Indian Wedding Videographer Dallas

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