Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Jun 4, 2018 8:00:00 AM
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Our clients trust us because we always give them honest opinions about vendors. Being fortunate to work with talented Indian wedding vendors every weekend, it's natural that couples seek our advice on finding the best fit for them. About half of the Indian weddings we DJ are between South Asian couples (Hindu, Christian or Muslim), while the other half are mixed or fusion weddings where one partner is of South Asian descent and the other is not (White, Black, Hispanic or Asian). When creating the list of the Top 10 Indian Wedding planners in Dallas, we considered the following criteria:

  • They currently live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. We have a lot of amazing planner friends that travel to Dallas for Indian weddings regularly, but don't physically live here. The benefit to having someone local is no travel cost, easier to meet, and less chance of something happening to them on the way to your wedding. 
  • They have multiple years of experience serving the same type of clients we serve in terms of both traditional Indian weddings and mixed/fusion weddings. Its important to value all cultures irrespective of the number of guests coming from each side. 
  • Our couples in the recent past have loved working with them. We only wanted to give you the best South Asian wedding planners in Dallas. 
  • We like their work and we enjoy working with them. This is your big day and the last thing you want to worry about is vendor drama. That is a thing, believe us, we have watched it happen. 

The following Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas are ranked based on who we have worked most often with in the last few years. 

Top Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas

1) Events by Hala

Hala is the owner and operator of Events by Hala. She has secured the first position on our Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas list. Hala's dedication to planning Indian weddings full-time before it became a trend is what sets her apart. As the first non-Indian planner to enter the industry, she took the time to understand the nuances of South Asian cultures and people. We have had the pleasure of working on several weddings together, and her consistent work has always impressed us. While she now limits the number of weddings she takes on each year, we are thrilled to see her at luxurious Indian and fusion weddings that we DJ. Check out this video from Mike & Nisha's wedding at Union Station. Fill out the form on this page to receive contact information for everyone on our list of Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas. Also if you are still looking for a venue check out our blog on the Top 22 Indian Wedding Venues in DFW.  




2) Elaan Events

Christina is the owner of Elaan Events. She actually wears a few different hats. Christina is also the owner of Blue Flame Productions, Dallas' premier Indian dance school and wedding performers. Elaan Events, led by Christina, specializes in creating stunning weddings for Malayalam Christian and North Indian Hindu couples. We've had the pleasure of working with Christina on several occasions, including Rohan and Rishika's wedding at the luxurious Omni Dallas.

3) The Storybook Events

The detail-oriented owner of The Storybook Events is Amy, who excels in communication. Though the company was originally based in Houston, they have now relocated to Dallas and specialize in planning Gujarati Hindu or Ismaili Muslim weddings. We have had the pleasure of working with them on weddings in Dallas and the surrounding states. Take a look at Urvi & Sunny's wedding at SLPS in this video. If you don't want to get married at a hotel, check out our blog on the Top 9 Venues in DFW


4) The One Event

Sejal, the owner and operator of The One Event, has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of Gujarati weddings. We have collaborated with her on numerous occasions, and each wedding has been a success. Her expertise and passion for her work make her a deserving addition to our Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas list. If you are in need of a planner for your Indian Wedding, simply fill out the form on this page and we will provide you with everyone's phone number and email address. Take a look at this video from Danny & Nikita's wedding, which was one of the most incredible and largest Gujarati weddings in Dallas.

5) Shelley K. Events

Shelley is a perfectionist when it comes to focusing on quality. She only takes on a few weddings each year, but each one is truly grand and unforgettable. Her expertise lies in creating fun and smooth weddings for young Malayalam couples. Don't believe us? Check out the amazing fusion wedding of Matt and Kavya. If you're looking for the perfect Indian wedding planner for your special day in Dallas, fill out the form on this page to get everyone's contact information right away on one document.


6) Electric Karma - Dallas

Electric Karma International, owned by Therese and with offices in different cities, is based in Houston. In the Dallas area, Bharati and Buvana manage the territory and collaborate with us on weddings, including those held in Barcelona (Spain), Longview (Texas), and multiple events in Dallas. While they don't take on many weddings, we highly recommend them for their exceptional planning. Check out this video from Maha & Abdullah's wedding at Omni Dallas to see their expertise in action. If you are looking for a great photographer, check out our Top 9 Photo Dallas list.




7) Piece of Cake Events

Piece of Cake Events is owned by Siji, who specializes in Malayalam weddings. We have had the pleasure of working with her on several weddings where both sides of the couple were Malu. Recently, Siji got married and we were honored to provide music, lighting, and special effects for her big day. Check out this video from Greg & Lima's wedding, which we worked on together at the Irving Convention Center.


8) 5eleven Events

Ranking at number 8 on our list of Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas is Taylor from 5eleven Events, who has a knack for creating traditional Texan weddings with a touch of Indian flair. Her expertise lies in planning weddings for Ismaili couples who want to make their wedding weekends a lot more fun. We have had the pleasure of working with her on several weddings, including Imran & Sofia's wedding weekend at Verona Villa and Hilton Granite Park. Check out this amazing video to see her magic in action!

9) Weddings & Events by Rama Bhat

We have done multiple weddings in the last few years with Rama. The only reason she is at the bottom of the Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas list is because she recently started focusing on planning Indian weddings. If you need an Indian Wedding Planner in Dallas, fill out the form on this page and we will send you everyones' email and phone number. Check out this video of Charles and Neha's wedding at Omni Dallas.


10) Cloud9 Makers

Cloud9 Makers is owned and operated by Prathyusha. She recently completed her formal training for wedding planning. She is the newest and youngest member of this list. We have done multiple weddings together. Her main focus is on South Indian Hindu weddings but can do any type of wedding. Here is an Ismaili wedding we did together for Farha and Sameer. 


Your wedding is the happiest moment in your life and you should choose an Indian Wedding planner in Dallas that you love. Over our 24 years of bringing joy to thousands of couples, the DJ Riz Entertainment team has performed many times with everyone on the Top 10 Indian Wedding Planners in Dallas list. Given these points, if you would like to talk about which South Asian wedding planner you should select or want to talk to us about wedding music and lighting for your wedding contact us here

Top 10 Indian Wedding Planner in Dallas


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