Virtual Indian Wedding Guide

Posted by DJ Riz Entertainment on Sep 3, 2020 4:35:29 PM
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We have done many virtual events over the past few years. We have been blessed to entertain at in-person events all over the world including England, Spain, Africa, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Cancun, Cabo, Canada, and all over the United States. Now we get to entertain people in different continents all at once. If you need a DJ that knows how to make virtual Indian weddings fun, contact us here

You were probably planning a Big Fat Indian Wedding pre-Covid. Suddenly, the world changed and your plans were shattered. We are all navigating through the new normal. Some couples kept their date, some postponed their dates and others went virtual. 

The main purpose of this blog is to share with couples a guideline to a smooth virtual Indian wedding weekend. If you want new music lists on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or want some Non-Stop Mixes, fill out the form on this page. 

Virtual Indian weddings can be a lot of fun for many reasons. Although, the number of people physically attending is smaller than the typical big fat Indian wedding, this means you will only have the people you care most about with you in-person or virtually. We love making each virtual Indian wedding unique and memorable. 

Types Virtual Weddings

1) All Virtual 

This is where the in-person group is kept to a minimum. A few couples are doing just the two of them. Some couples are allowing parents and siblings. However, most couples are including immediate family and close friends. All other guests will watch the wedding virtually. We have done live stream DJing from remote locations and entertained the in-person and virtual guests at the same time. 

2) Hybrid 

Most couples who are planning their Indian wedding during a pandemic will fall into this category. This is where you have an intimate wedding with close family and friends and still want the people that weren't able to attend in-person, watch everything online. You need to have good audio and video streams for everyone watching. We have done this many times because of COVID. We simultaneously entertain the in-person guests and the virtual ones in creative ways. 

3) Barely Virtual

This is where you have your wedding the way you want and leave a phone or iPad streaming. The couple will stream their wedding but no one will watch it because of poor audio or video. It's better than nothing but not by much. 


Which Parts to Stream

We highly recommend to Live Stream all of your major events so loved ones can still be a part of your wedding events or skip the parts you want to avoid. We can handle this part for you, feel free to contact us here

1) Pre-wedding Events 

Any of your pre-wedding events including Mehndi, Haldi, Satak, Grashanti, Pithi, Garba and Sangeet. 

2) Wedding Ceremony

Entrances, the actual ceremony and even the Vidai

3) Reception 

Entrances, first dance, cake cutting, speeches, performances and dancing. 

What vendors to keep on the day of

Although all vendors are important. The following are the vendors we see most often at virtual Indian weddings. 

1) Decor

You still want everything to look nice.

2) Photographer

Someone needs to capture all the great moments. 

3) DJ & MC

This will make or break your wedding in terms of being fun and memorable. Contact us today if you need help with your wedding. 

4) Caterer 

South or North Indian Caterer. 

4) Makeup 

We have seen makeup artists present for this in most cases. Some have virtually guided the bride on applying makeup as well. 

Virtual Indian Wedding Pros

A good virtual Indian wedding will have the guests forget that they aren’t physically there in person and carry on as if they are at a typical wedding, refilling drinks in their kitchens, laughing at wedding speeches, cheering on the newlyweds, and even turning their living rooms into dance floors!

1) Brings overall wedding costs down
2) The ability to have as many people as you want
3) You can control who gets the link and when
4) Many options on where you want to stream (YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, etc) 
5) Live Streaming is not very expensive. We can handle this for you. 
6) Guests can wear whatever they like

Virtual Indian Wedding Cons

1) Not having all your guests physically there
2) Group Photos Missed
3) Gifts/Money (Probably still get it via your registry, Amazon, Zelle and Venmo)

Virtual Indian weddings are a great way to do something different. Understanding and balancing in-person with a virtual experience is our specialty. We are experienced across many destinations and love being able to make each wedding unique. No matter how your virtual Indian wedding is taking place, we can make it fun! You bring the people and we will make it a party! If you want to talk about your wedding, contact us here.

If you want new music lists on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or want some Non-Stop Mixes, fill out the form on this page. 

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Virtual Indian Wedding Guide

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